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Tile Installation Insight for our Customers

These tile installation manuals I am recommending here have been approved by me. I feel home owners will feel more confident in who they hire if they have some insight on how tile should be prepared and installed. Do NOT overlook the preparation of floors and walls.

Tile is attractive. Many tile guys can get away with an attractive installation, but it's how long it will last and remain waterproof that separates the pros from the shady tile installer hacks. Trust me, I have seen and repaired many lousy tile jobs. Don't be a victim, order my recommended manuals. They include videos so installation is made completely obvious.

How to install tileHow to install tile

This section is also for homeowners and weekend warriors that want to take on a tile project on their own. Now, normally I would not advise this. There are, however, people with carpentry skills that with a little instruction and proper tools are ok to take on basic tile installations. If you feel you are one of these individuals than I highly recommend these manuals by Seiling's Floors.

How to install tileHow to install tile

I would recommend starting out with a basic floor design, and a simple square tile. As your skills get better, than and only then, try taking on a more complicated pattern, stone or even a glass installation. Remember patience is an important trait of installing tile. If this is not one of your traits I would not attempt this trade. If you're ok with the time it will take or not having a useable bathroom for a while than give it a try. Good Luck.

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Seilings Floors was the most comprehensive manual I've used to date. I tiled my own kitchen and 2 baths on my own! Every detail was covered and the one question I had you answered, thank you.

Alec S.

Waco, Texas

Great how-to- install tile manual, Gregg. I installed a 2 inch tile backsplash and my wife thinks I'm a hero.

Thomas W.,

Boxford, Ma

Seiling's Floors was excellent. I would recommend this how to manual to anyone. For a couple of bucks I linstalled my sunroom tile the right way

George M.

Richmond, Va